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Residents Associations

You can check the page maintained by Lambeth Council give on their website to check if a property is covered by a Tenants’ and Residents’
Association (TRA). More contact details are given here for TRAs in the area of Kennington when we have been able to find them

Briant Estate Tenants & Residents Association

Contact name: James McElvogue
17 Sidford House, London, SE1 7DD
Telephone: 020 7633 0148

Cottington Close Estate Tenant Management Co-Operative

Open to: All reisdents of the estate
1 Opal Street, London , SE11 4HZ

Telephone: 020 7926 8105

Open to: residents of Methley, Milverton, Radcot, Ravensdon and Stannary St; Aulton, Wigton & Stannary Places; and Cumberland Mews).
Contact name: Priscilla Baines

Residents association that also runs the Carmelita Centre. 

Open to: Residents of China Walk Estate
China Walk Tenants and Residents Association, Chandler Community Hall, 15 Lambeth Walk, London, SE11 6DU
Telephone: 07956802294             

Contact name: Akan Nkwein
Telephone: 0750 6725559

Kennington Park Road Residents’ Association and Neighbourhood Watch

The KPRRANW is a residents association and neighbourhood watch for Kennington Park Road. Its aim is to promote the interests of the residents who live and the businesses that operate on Kennington Park Road. 

Open to: Residents of Cleaver Square, Cleaver Street and Bowden Street
Contact name: Ursula Ovenden (Chair)

Ethelred Towers Residents’ Association

Open to: Brittany, Elkington and Ward Points.
Contact name: Neil Wallace


Open to: The Academy residents (Old School, West Wing and two houses)
Contact name: Robert Baker (Chairman)
Address: The Academy, 20 Lawn Lane, London SW8 1GA
Email / Twitter:

Windmill House Residents’ Association

This belongs to the residents' association of Windmill House, Windmill Walk, Waterloo, SE1 8LX and is designed to promote the exchange of information, positive discussion, improvements to life in the block, and the building of community.

Information about private residents associations may have been missed. Please contact
us if you require your residents’ association listed or would like to request any update.

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